Wijk aan Zee, the best kept secret of the North Sea coast

Wijk aan Zee

Wijk aan Zee is also called the best-kept secret of the North Sea coast. The family seaside resort offers the widest sand beach of the Netherlands by far and it is beautifully located next to the Dune reserve of North Holland. It is known as one of the better surfing spots at the North Sea coast. The beach is full of facilities and offers some excellent catering services.

Wijk aan Zee

At such a location there are, of course, a lot of possibilities for recreation and relaxation. The open dune area with its beautiful forests invites you for a lovely walking- or cycling tour. Shortly, Wijk aan Zee is a place for relaxation, to enjoy the wind through your hair and to forget the everyday life. Despite of the small size of the seaside resort Wijk aan Zee offers you more than enough for a happy day at the beach.

Wijk aan Zee


The beach of Wijk aan Zee is the widest beach of the Netherlands. At the beach you will find some cosy beach pavilions along the border of the dunes and some hotels on top of the dunes. You can build sand castles and fly kite at the beach with the children, but it is also possible to have an active day at the beach with your family or friends. Besides that, it is possible to let the wind catch you for a lovely weekend, have nice walks through the dunes and make beautiful tours by bike.

Wijk aan Zee

The seawater is regarded here as the most clear. Shortly, excellent conditions for a day at the beach. During summer there are catamaran races along the coast. Besides families and sun lovers, surfers and beach sailors appreciate Wijk aan Zee. Next to trendy beach bars there are several surfing schools. At the North pier you will find one of the best spots for surfing in the Netherlands.

Wijk aan Zee


Hospitality, sociability and conviviality are important values in Wijk aan Zee. The village lies near the blast furnaces of Tata Steel, between the North pier and the Dune reserve of North-Holland with its beautiful forests, dune valleys and dune lakes. In this area you can walk and cycle along tens of set-out routes. There is a permanent exposition of the statue park ‘Een zee van Staal’ (A sea of Steel) which you can visit in the dunes.

Wijk aan Zee

Wijk aan Zee is a vibrant seaside resort at the coast, the entire village lays at the border of a large dune area. Through the years, Wijk aan Zee has become a place with many sides, in here you can find rest, nature and sociability. In the centre of the village is the cosy Julianaplein with its diverse eating- and drinking possibilities. The many restaurants, cafés, hotels and diverse shops in this village will give you an unforgettable time. The large grassland that lays in the middle of the village offers enough parking space for the sun lovers during summer.


Wijk aan Zee is located next to an open dune area with some nice forests. It is a nice walking- and cycling area. Several dunes can be climbed so you can enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings. The Paasduin is about thirty meters high and offers a stunning view, you can even see the sea ships sailing in and out of the piers from here.


Wijk aan Zee is a vibrant seaside resort at the coast. Through the years, Wijk aan Zee has become a place with many sides, here you can find rest, nature and sociability. At the widest beach of the Netherlands the most and most special shells drift ashore. The village looks dreamy, as if it is constantly waiting for someone.

The National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

The National Park Kennemerland with its various flora and fauna belongs to one of the most beautiful nature areas of Holland. It is a unique nature area with dusty dunes, dune lakes, immemorial dune oak forests and park forests which have been designed in the style of the surroundings. In the national park are the best developed and most spread-out dune forests of the Netherlands. Throughout the area are a lot of walking and cycling paths that lead to the many touristic attractions in the area.