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Beverwijkse Bazaar - 1 Beverwijkse Bazaar (January 2012) - #2

The Bazaar at Beverwijk has existed for 27 years now and comprises a number of different markets which together make up the Bazaar. Each market embraces its own culture, atmosphere and character, and offers its own characteristic range of goods.

The Bazaar has something for each and everyone!

Something for Everyone
Whether you are looking for antiques, curiosa, trendy clothes, books, shoes, new and used computers, car accessories, East European crystal or exotic fruit and vegetables; The Bazaar has been able to offer something for everyone for a quarter of a century already. The live music, the stallholders, and the lively pavement cafés make a day at The Bazaar much more than just a shopping trip. A trip to The Bazaar is also an adventure for the taste buds. The menus at the 55 restaurants in and around The Bazaar serve everything from good old fashioned Dutch staples to the most exclusive dishes. From simple sauerkraut with smoked sausage to much more exotic fare.

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Montageweg 35, Beverwijk
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