Beverwijkse Bazaar - Sight

Beverwijkse Bazaar - 1

A bustling market that offers a unique shopping experience with a blend of cultures, products, and flavors. Known as the largest indoor market in Europe, the bazaar attracts visitors from far and wide.

What to Expect at the Beverwijkse Bazaar?

A Multicultural Experience at the Beverwijkse Bazaar

Whether you're looking for special bargains, want to savor worldly flavors, or simply want to experience a unique day out, the Beverwijkse Bazaar offers an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore Beverwijkse Bazaar is near the following sights: Hoogovensmuseum (±3,3 km) & Heemskerkse Golfclub (±3,4 km).

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Montageweg 35, Beverwijk
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