Zandvoort Museum

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A deep dive into local culture, history, and art. This charming museum is the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating background of this famous Dutch seaside town.

What to Expect at Zandvoort Museum in Zandvoort?

Experience the Rich History and Culture of Zandvoort

Whether you are a day-tripper or a long-term visitor, Zandvoort Museum offers a unique insight into the fascinating history and culture of this beloved Dutch coastal town.

Furthermore Zandvoort Museum is near the following sights: Juttersmu-Zee-um (±250 m), Jump Town (±950 m), Baluba Indoor Playground (±1,0 km) & Aqua Mundo Zandvoort (±1,0 km).

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Swaluëstraat 1, Zandvoort
tel. +31 235 740 280 
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