Frans Hals Museum

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Dive into the world of Frans Hals and the Dutch Golden Age at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem. This unique museum blends the charm of historical art with a fresh, modern presentation.

What can you expect at the Frans Hals Museum?

A Rich Experience at the Frans Hals Museum

Whether you are a lover of historical art or curious about the connection between old and new art, the Frans Hals Museum offers an engaging experience.

Practical Information

Visit the Frans Hals Museum and experience the rich art and history of the Golden Age in Haarlem.

Be inspired by the art of Frans Hals and his contemporaries in the beautiful setting of the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem!

Furthermore Frans Hals Museum is near the following sights: Museum Haarlem (±60 m) & Visitor Center De Kennemerduinen (±3,5 km).

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Groot Heiligland 62, Haarlem
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