Where's the activity beach (or sport beach) at Wijk aan Zee?

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user Pascal

Where's the activity beach (or sport beach) at Wijk aan Zee? And where is the family beach?

user Jan (Employee)

The beach is divided into two zones. The family beach is from the pavilion Sunseabar to the boundary with Heemskerk at pavilion Noorderbad. Here may be practiced no activities during the beach season as kite surfing, kite flying with two or more lines, blokarting, parasailing, etc.

From Sunseabar to the boundary with Velsen are allowed to these activities if that happens, at least in a safe way. In a defined block may be blokarting or kiting (kite) surfing and boating with motor and sail vessels provided such vessels 300m from the low water mark. There are two strips which vessels may be stored and on and sail. Regardless of the zone within which a given activity may in danger, annoyance or nuisance occur enforcer.

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